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SmartSenior: three years of intensive development.

The SmartSenior research project is planned to run for three years. In the first phase, concrete cases for applications will be developed, requirements determined and the overall architecture defined. The first interim results from the individual project segments will be presented after the first year (follow this link and learn more about the 2nd status meeting of the SmartSenior reserach consortium). Following detailed examination of their operational suitability for senior citizens, the innovative SmartSenior solutions will be tested in practice at the end of the second project year. All products will be optimized further through use in a model home and so-called "living labs", in laboratories under "real life" conditions. The applications will be tested and evaluated during a field test in about 35 apartments. When the projects ends after three years, important building blocks for product development will be in place. The SmartSenior partners will then produce and market individual solutions independently.

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