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SmartSenior: new technologies to serve people.

In order to maintain a good standard of living for senior citizens, the SmartSenior alliance has three goals:

  1. Living conditions which promote health should be created and safeguarded.

  2. Active participation in social life should be made possible and promoted.

  3. Mobility, safety and independence should be maintained and extended.

The following list demonstrates the concrete technological approach taken by SmartSenior:

  • SmartSenior concentrates on building communication opportunities suitable for older people. The devices necessary, for example televisions, should be easy and intuitive to use.

  • SmartSenior develops emergency recognition and assistance systems for save travel, such as an emergency stop assistant for cars.

  • SmartSenior integrates existing and new medical services in the areas of prevention, treatment and rehabilitation.

  • SmartSenior creates solutions to increase safety both at home and on the move.

  • SmartSenior carries out field studies into acceptance, benefits, costs and sustainability. Feld test apartments and living labs are used as real life laboratories in this research.

During the third Milestone Meeting demonstrators show how the future SmartSenior services will work:

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