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SmartSenior: in the prime of life.

The focus of the SmartSenior research initiative is the environment of older people in our society. There are three central questions to answer:

  1. How can senior citizens remain safe when on the move and maintain their mobility?
  2. How can senior citizens stay healthy, or regain their health quickly?
  3. How can senior citizens remain independent and in their home environment for longer?

Differing qualities of life can be attributed to the scenarios "safe mobility", "health services" and "longer independence". In essence, this means that in the event of an emergency, life preserving medical procedures are carried out as soon as possible. Long-term, however, medical prevention and treatment should also be organized in an optimized way. In addition, SmartSenior also strives to maintain extensive autonomy for senior citizens. The aim here is to make life in a familiar environment easier, in the home and while interacting socially with other people and service providers. Not least, the level of comfort and quality of life of senior citizens should be raised significantly through new communications media, innovative aids to mobility and assistance systems.

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