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Show flat opened in Potsdam.

On December 10th 2010, the SmartSenior project lunched its show flat in the city of Potsdam. From now on, the SmartSenior features will be progressively integrated into the two-room apartment which is provided by GEWOBA and situated in the first floor at Saarmunderstraße 39. Demonstrators of future devices, applications and services will be installed bit by bit. The central piece of the prototype is an embedded flat-screen which provides a number of services within the domestic environment:

The range of services offered by GEWOBA can be accessed through the service portal. Data on movement, contacts and temperature which is collected by sensors within the apartment can be retrieved. The DAI-Labor of the Technical University of Berlin is responsible for the processing and presenting of the latter.

The personal timetable, provided by Alcatel-Lucent, is available as well.

The audiovisual communication system is an important feature of the SmartSenior service chain. It may be used for having a long-distance tea party with friends as well as for having a conversation with the telemedicine centre. Currently, a connection between the help desk of Alcatel-Lucent in the city of Stuttgart can be established. Both, the audio-video-communication system including the control and the Typo3 server are operated by Alcatel-Lucent.

Fraunhofer FIRST is in charge of operating the service portal.

The Deutsche Telekom provides the AAL Home Gateway, wich incorporates the non-medical services. One of them is, for instance, the broadcasting of the sensor data to the service portal. In the future, AAL Home Gateway will analyse the data and make it accessible for on demand requests from portable terminals, such as smartphones. The local web server and the internet access are also provided by Deutsche Telekom.

The company prisma provides the Med-I-Box for the home environment. This data management system transmits vital data such as blood pressure of the senior and forwards it to the telemedical service center.

Any questions concerning the show flat?

Representatives of the press who want to know more about the project can contact our press relations officer, Dr. Rainer Knirsch.

Requests relating to business can be addressed to Alexander Eck and Anja Winzer from EICT.

Frank Otte-Drewnick from GEWOBA is your contact person for answering personal questions.

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