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SmartSenior: Events.

Here we will provide you with insights into the project progress. Please find here informations about SmartSenior events.

Fachtagung zum Projektabschluss von SmartSenior

19.09.2012, Berlin
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January 24th to 25th 2012. One booth, nine posters and eight presentations - SmartSenior at the AAL congress.

While the partners prepare the large SmartSenior field test they also take the chance to present the project during this year’s AAL congress in Berlin. This year – the last year of the project running time - the partners exhibit with example demonstrators what seniors can expect during the field test in 35 rental homes in Potsdam. The project shows the interactive trainer, the service portal, the controlling of household appliance and the pain diary.

Poster session and demonstrations

Besides the developments partners will explain backgrounds in presentations and during the poster session. Like known from previous years, partners will answer all of your questions.

The seniors' technology day of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) 

On Wednesday, January 25th, the project presents its developments to future consumers. The user of today can expereince the technology of tomorrow during the workshop of the BMBF.  

Please find SmartSenior at booths 9 and 10. This link leads to the AAL congress websites.

November 29th to 30th 2011. Fifth milestone meeting M30 in Berlin.

The Fraunhofer-Institute for Computer Architecture and Software Technology invited to the status meeting in Berlin-Adlershof. More than 120 guests followed the invitation. The coordinator Michael Balasch (Telekom Innovation Laboratories) welcomed representatives of the Federal Ministry for Education and Research and the project administrator VDI/VDE IT and the members of the SmartSenior consortium.

The integration was the core topic of the event. Testing the latest developments and demonstrators, the partners proved to be prepared for the field experiments and tests starting in spring next year. These demonstrators were shown:

  • situation recognition and reaction
  • partner finder
  • service portal
  • telemedical supervision
  • assistance center
  • telemedical assisted peritoneal dialysis
  • exercise therapy
  • pain therapy
  • emergency assistance
  • workbench for semi-automatic usability evaluation
  • resource efficiency of services and processes
  • recording of driving performance
  • back end editor for the service portal
  • self-organisation of medical services
  • save implementation of medical services

The milestone was approved by the project administrator.

May 28th 2011. DFKI presents SmartSenior solution at the Long Night of Sciences in Berlin.

The German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence DFKI presents the SmartSenior solution for overcoming language barriers at the Long Night of Sciences. The cross-language dialogue system iHelpYou supports doctor-patient communication between persons of different languages. Academic institutions from Berlin and Potsdam, including universities, technical colleges and other research institutions participate in the event.

May 24th 2011. SmartSenior at the Embedded conference in Stuttgart.

The Fraunhofer Institute for Computer Architecture and Software Technology FIRST presented parts of the SmartSenior project during this year's Embedded conference "Technology of Tomorrow's Devices". The event focused on current challenges of device manufacturers from medical and industrial technique, automotive electronics, aerospace and defence. Company speakers, experts from research and science, and members of organisations, which are focused on standards and norms, attended the conference. Problems and possible solutions in the area fo functional safety, growing networking and protection against manipulation of devices were discussed.

April 12th to 13th 2011. Fourth milestone meeting M24 in Berlin.

The German Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) invited all SmartSenior partners to the 4th milestone meeting M24 taking place from April 12th to 13th. Conference venue was the THESEUS Innovation Centre in Berlin, where Professor Wolfgang Wahlster opened the meeting. The meeting was dominated by the preparation of the SmartSenior field test that starts this fall.

The demonstrators convinced the executing agency that the partners are well prepared for the upcoming three months field test. There were presented new demonstrators as well as the progress of previously shown services and technologies:

  • TV service portal
  • interactive trainer semi-automatic
  • usability evaluation
  • accounting of telemedical services
  • electronic health record
  • treatment of medical data
  • medical basis services
  • technologies of self-organisation
  • pain diary
  • sensor bracelet
  • SpO2 sensor
  • mobile emergency assistant
  • vital data management
  • emergency localisation
  • mobile connectivity gateway
  • overcoming of language barriers
  • home sonsors and reaction component
  • visual service design tool
  • situation recognition
  • household appliance steering and control
  • PD assistance (peritoneal dialysis assistance)
  • lap belt
  • partner finder

April 5th to 7th 2011. SmartSenior at the fair trade conhIT.

The Research Group Geriatrics of the Charité presented parts of the SmartSenior project durin this year's conhIT.  The industry gathering for healthcare IT was well visited and used by reknowned exhibitons, among them being Microsoft, Philips and Siemens. The numerous talks with visitors showed that the results of SmartSenior are already expected impatiently. Also, the Charité became aware of a great interest in the technological developments of the project.

October 19th to 20th 2010. Third milestone M18 reached. The project meets in Munich.

On October 19th and 20th members of the SmartSenior consortium and government officials gathered for the third milestone meeting in Munich. All participants were convinced about the project's intense progress, shown by the demonstrators at historical location - the BMW Classic Center.

  • interactive trainer: sensor data fusion
  • interactive trainer: interaction manager
  • emergency assistant and the user interface
  • prototype for overcoming language barriers
  • components of the AAL Home Gateway
  • assistance center workplaces, eventing / alarming
  • SmartSenior TV portal
  • calender function for the TV portal and high definition A/V communication
  • demonstration of medication (medication box)
  • assignment of state of household appliance and graphic UI for household appliance control
  • software for recommendations for shared TV viewing
  • poster about role models for AAL services at home
  • functional track for telemedical services
  • ECG interface, presentation of SmartSenior body for registration of vital data, and situation recognition as part of the analysis component
  • evaluation of AAL services
  • visual service design tool
  • service engineering

All participants agreed on the success of the meeting and identified the progress towards a comprehensive AAL service chain.

May 26th to 27th 2010. Second Status Meeting for Milestone M12 takes place in Berlin

More than 110 members of the SmartSenior research cooperation, representatives of the project administrator VDE/VDI IT and the Federal Ministry for Education and Research informed themselves about the status of the project in Berlin on May 26th/27th 2010.

After having reached the second milestone (M 12), intermediate results and project progress were presented and discussed. All attenttion focused on the demonstrators:  

  • Workbench for semiautomatic usability tests (DAI-Laboratory) Mock-up for data of motion for the inclusion of medical data (Siemens, Tembit Software)

  • GainSpan testboard (Siemens)

  • Click-dummy on the mobile terminal (jambit)

  • Path of localisation (Deutsches Forschungszentrum für künstliche Intelligenz)

  • Emergency management (NobisCum)

  • Pain diary (Prisma)

  • SmartSenior layout of the television interfaces with voice and gesture control (Fraunhofer FIRST)

  • Sensor platform for the aggregation of data, DAI-Labor 

  • MediBox (Prisma)

  • Prototype implementation of electronic health record (EHR) (Tembit)

  • Mock-up gas sensor systems (Siemens)

The meeting was valued as a great success by all participants: The demonstrators, in particular, showed the progress of one year focused project work . They strenghtened the motivation for the next six months. After this period the consortium will meet again.

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